Michigan State Medical Society

Founded by five physicians in Detroit in 1819, with the mission “to elevate professional medical education and to cultivate the advancement of medical science,” the society moved to its Lansing headquarters in 1961. Today, the Michigan State Medical Society is the voice of more than 15,000 physicians in Michigan, giving them the resources and clout they need to remain leaders of the health care team and advocates for their patients.

Project Overview

OBJECTIVE: Working within a budget and in keeping with the building’s historical context, create a collaborative space – adaptable for large or small group meetings, social gatherings or individual work areas.

OUTCOME: Honoring the architect’s vision (the building was designed by esteemed architect, Minoru Yamasaki, who also designed the World Trade Center), DBI designed and furnished a collaborative space focusing on flexibility, innovation and flair. The addition of Haworth Collection furnishings allows a timeless quality of simplicity and inspiration.

Featured Products

ToDo Seating with Wood Tablet Arms

The Haworth Collection:

Poppy Guest Seating

Openest Sprig Tables

Feather Sofa

Openest Plume Screen