DBI Circular Services

Find new use for furniture your organization no longer needs

As a values-driven company that believes business should be a force for good, finding new ways to support a more circular business model is an essential part of our strategy. We explore environmentally preferred solutions that drive environmental stewardship, economic growth, and community prosperity.

Aligned with our zero waste to landfill commitment, we partner with our customers to capture the highest value options for used furniture – often through remanufacturing or charitable donations – with recycling considered as a last resort.

Program Opportunities

  • Resell and/or Trade-In

WHY: Represents best value for the customer, reduces office decommission costs

HOW: Our Trade-In program secures the highest value for the used material, regardless of the brand. We partner with you to develop a comprehensive product asset list. We then assess the list and pass the transaction value on to you with no hidden fees or costs. The cost of product disassembly, removal, and freight are included in the price.

  • Comprehensive Decommissioning Partner

WHY: Build a stronger community by partnering with us to uncover opportunities for products you no longer need to be donated to organizations that could benefit. Develop and implement circular solutions that may entail product donation and/or recycling. If engaged early, the cost can be competitive with traditional decommissioning, while delivering metrics, transferring title ownership, and creating a landfill-free solution to share and inspire others.

HOW: Connect with your representative to learn more.

  • Local Recycling

WHY: Recover the scrap value of materials and keep products out of landfills. This solution involves the lowest cost yet is the least beneficial to the environment.

HOW: Connect with your representative to source a provider who can process used furniture. Access disassembly/recycling instructions by referencing the product pages on Haworth.com.

  • Haworth Take-Back

If all higher value options have been exhausted or are unavailable regionally, Haworth will support our customers in their commitment to keeping our product out of landfills. Started as a program for task chairs, we have expanded the scope to include all Haworth products.

WHY: Haworth has had a strong commitment to keeping valuable materials out of landfills and offers this as a courtesy to like-minded customers.

HOW: Customers can send products back to Haworth’s global headquarters, at their cost, to be responsibly recycled.

Whether you’re looking to resell, trade-in, donate, recycle or send back product no longer needed, our Circular Services program provides tangible results. Our program centers on crafting an aligned strategy for our customers with solutions that are environmentally preferred and economically feasible.

To start the process of developing the circular service that’s right for your project, contact DBI for more information.