DBI is your office seating expert

Whether you plan on working at your desk from an ergonomic task chair, pulling your stool up to the counter, or relaxing in a beautifully designed lounge piece, DBI has your back with seating options for every purpose.

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Providing Customers with a Sit that Fits
Great ergonomic seating provides both comfort and flexibility allowing maximum support to focus on the task at hand. Easily adjustable for optimal individual preference and control, it’s all about the sitting experience.

DBI offers a wide selection of ergonomic desk, task, executive and conference seating to fit any workstyle or budget.

Ergonomic Seating Fundamentals
• Adjustable Back Lumbar
• Adjustable Seat Height
• Adjustable Seat Depth/Seat Slide
• Adjustable Back Height
• Tilt Control Options
• High Quality Materials/Waterfall Front
• Adjustable Arms
• Fitting the Chair Correctly to the User

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Your Guests Deserve to Relax in Comfort and Style
Guest and visitor seating is an essential element of any office. Whether it’s in your lobby or reception area, next to workstations, or in private offices, visitors and guests must have a place to sit and be comfortable.
DBI offers a vast scope of guest and side seating from wood, metal, plastic and upholstered to blend seamlessly into a variety of office settings and to fit your bottom line.

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Depending on your space and objectives, social space applications are rich and varied.

· Retreat Spaces
· Lobbies and Welcoming Centers
· Breakrooms and Cafes
· Lounge Areas
· Training Spaces
· Conference and Meeting Areas
· Community Spaces
· Outdoor Areas

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Elevate your Brand
The best spaces do so much more than provide a place for people to sit, wait and work – they draw people in. They put people at ease by welcoming guests and supporting employees. The Haworth Collection creates an impression that speaks to people, impacting not only how they feel and connect, but also how they remember your brand.

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Haworth logo Task Seating Quick Order

Fern is a new movement for the human experience. It is a benchmark in task seating for people at work, a chair that responds to you.

SFT-U0-7514A1,3A-18,MB-CL,TR-7,TR-LE Fern Task Chair, Uph Seat, Mesh Back, 4D Arms, Lumbar, Pneu w/Forward Tilt and Bk Stop, Adj Seat, Alum Bse, Hrd Cst

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Zody is an industry leader with its innovative, highly-adjustable lower back support and award-winning design.

SZT-20-724MA1,3A-18,MA-1,TR-E,TR-LE Zody Task Chair, Fabric Seat, Mesh Back, 4D Arms, PAL Pelvic/Lumbar Support, Bk Lock, Fwd Tilt, Foam Seat, Adj St, Alum Base, Hrd Cst

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Very provides personalized comfort with patented lumbar support, asymmetrical control, and supportive mesh in the seat back.

SCT-20-7141,3A-18,MS-F,TR-7,TR-LE,TR-LE Very Task Chair, Fabric Seat, Mesh Back, 4D Arms, Alum Bse, Hrd Ctrs, Bk Lock, Fwd Tilt, w/Lumbar

Soji is made to support a wide range of people, spaces and workstyles.

SJT-20-711A1A,3A-18,XT-1,TR-7,TR-LE Soji Task Chair, Fabric Seat, Mesh Back, 4D Arms, Lum, Bk Lock, Adj Seat, Alu Bse, Hrd Cstr

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