Has noise become a distraction in the workplace?

While inviting communication and collaboration, open-office environments also create a lack of privacy and added noise distractions. Adding a low-level electronic background noise reduces speech intelligibility so conversations cannot be easily understood. Soundmasking systems reduce conversational noise while increasing worker concentration, productivity, accuracy and satisfaction.

Soundmasking Applications
• Open Space Plans
• Healthcare Facilities
• Physician Offices
• Human Resources
• Insurance Facilities

SOUNDMASKING office setting

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BuzziSpace Acoustical Solutions
Naturally acoustic, the fun and whimsical line of BuzziSpace partitions and dividers visually transforms your space while absorbing surrounding sounds. The combination of varied heights and shapes, with their acoustic foam filling, make these sound insulators conversation pieces.

BuzziFrio Acoustic Divider Haworth Buzzispace
BuzziFrio Acoustic Sound Partitian buzzispace haworth