Collaborate without boundaries
Technology continues to enable mobility within an organization and DBI provides furniture and software options that embrace technology, supporting a variety of activities throughout the day.

Bluescape is a Secure Collaborative Workspace
Operated on cloud-based software, Bluescape can be accessed on multiple devices including large-scale, high-definition, multi-touch screens: iPads, laptops and mobile devices.

Bluescape’s secure virtual workspaces unify your content and conversations in a shared, resolute space that can be accessed from any device or location. Teams, separated by distance, can now work better together – and stay on the same page – no matter where they do their work.

haworth bluescape with glass walls

Workware™ Wired or Cabled – Focused, Innovative and Flexible
Workware™ provides the sharing power you would expect from a collaborative workspace. Simple and affordable, with an easy to operate interface, Workware™ participants can share ideas in real time and simultaneously contribute when information and creative ideas come together.

workware haworth connectivity wireless