Lansing School District Supply Donation

DBI donated supplies to The Lansing School District that contributed to over 1,700 student supply bags during the COVID-19 outbreak. We couldn’t be more grateful to the 30 dedicated Lansing Administrators who assembled the bags to be distributed to students across their 22 meal sites. You can find Lansing specific learning resources at

Lansing School District

Jackson Symphony Orchestra celebrates its 70th anniversary with 70 acts of kindness

Partnering with JSO, DBI is providing children, who would otherwise never be exposed to classical music, tickets to see performances of the Music of Harry Potter and the Nutcracker.

Jackson symphony orchestra and DBI giving

Jackson Center for the Arts has big plans

DBI has donated private office furnishings and is partnering with the Jackson Center for the Arts on their Capital Campaign to relocate to the iconic, downtown Jackson, Masonic Temple.

Jackson school of the arts giving back DBI

March of dime and dbi giving back

March of Dimes

Through DBI’s annual member golf outing, DBI has raised thousands of dollars for March of Dimes

Boys and Girls Club of Lansing

DBI is a long-time supporter of the Boys and Girls Club and fully supports their philosophy of working with young people and provide role models for success.
Boys and girls club of lansing with DBI

Common Ground Music festival and DBI

Common Ground Music Festival

The Common Ground Music Festival takes place every July in downtown Lansing, Michigan. DBI was a founding sponsor and continues to be an ardent supporter of this annual week-long music festival.