John Mueller’s Virtual Space Set-Up Recommendations

It is amazing how quickly our work lives have changed and how we have adapted to using new technology to interact daily. Instead of walking to another office, sitting around a conference table, or meeting face to face with a client, we have found it easy and convenient to schedule a video call or host a virtual meeting. Having the right equipment and setup will make your meeting more productive and successful.

Find a Quiet Space

Any distraction can take away from the important content of a meeting. Make sure your meeting space is free from noise and background movement. If you are at the office, find an unused conference room or private office and make that a dedicated virtual meeting space. If you are at home convert an unused room or area into that dedicated space. 


External Webcam

Mobile devices and laptops have built-in cameras, but the quality is not always great. You can improve this by using an external webcam. An external webcam will help with the sharpness of the picture, and make your picture brighter, especially in low-lit spaces. This unit by Adesso, the CyberTrack H4, has a 1080P high-definition camera, with a built-in microphone. The unit has a manual focus option and connects to your computer or laptop using a USB cable. The camera can sit on a desktop or be mounted to your screen.

Use of Headphones

Feedback and noise can make it hard for those in the meeting to hear everything the presenter is saying. Using headphones will eliminate the chance that the microphone on your device will pick up anything coming from your speakers.


Use Proper Lighting

Lighting is often overlooked and can be distracting if not in the correct position. Natural light is the best but having a window behind you or at your side can cause glare that will obscure the person on camera. It is best to block out that light, and use the overhead lights in a room, or have a portable light that can sit directly behind the camera. This Desktop LED Light from Alera is a great option. 

It comes with an adjustable arm and light fixture, which allows you to get your lighting exactly where you need it.


Stand When Presenting

Those who are accustomed to standing while giving a presentation find it hard to have that same energy when sitting. A great option is to use an adjustable height table or a Desktop Sit To Stand Unit. The unit from Lorell has a slim profile, easily adjusts with a single lever, and has space for one monitor and one laptop.


Try things out and find out what works best for you. For more ideas and helpful products check out our website