Centurion Medical Products

Founded in 1961, Centurion Medical Products (formerly known as Tri-State Hospital Supply Corporation) is a privately held company with approximately 1,100 employees and a national sales force of over 145 professionals. Centurion has led the industry in providing responsive products and insight.

Objective: The client was moving their leadership and staff offices from their warehouse location in Howell Michigan to a new state-of-the-art location being constructed in Williamston, Michigan. It required regular coordination meetings with our team, the client, and the archi­tect, Neumann/Smith.

Outcome: The unique design of the building required careful coordination with multiple deliveries, staging and installation of furniture from multiple manufacturers. Coordination with other trades was necessary as construction and installation was happening at the same time.

Furnishing/Installation: DBI
Design: DBI

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