Midway Rotary Die Solutions

Midway Rotary Die Solutions, located in Williamston, Michigan, has been a custom manufacturer of rotary dies since 1974. DBI was tasked to find workplace solutions for their growing business. In the video, Betsy Seeley, V.P. tells how that was achieved and talks about the process and the end result.

Objective: Midway was outgrowing their existing office space and needed to expand into an adjacent, unused warehouse. Maximizing the use of their existing space and access to daylight and views were a priority.

Outcome: DBI’s design team, working with Midway Rotary and their contractor, developed a floor plan with a contemporary feel. By creating a cohesive finish palette, a seamless transition between the new and existing spaces was achieved. Private offices and conference rooms were added and appropriate workspace was programmed for each member’s functionality.

Design/Furnishings/Installation: DBI