RSI Logistics, Inc.

RSI Logistics, Inc. has been assisting rail shippers reduce transit costs since 1983. RSI serves clients from nine locations by improving chain control through service, products, consulting, and technology solutions.

Objective: RSI had purchased an existing building for their headquarters. The space had an unusual floor plan with natural wood cathedral ceilings and skylights. The existing lighting in the building was ineffective in an open floor plan. Our challenge was to provide efficient workstations and offices that complimented, but did not compete with the existing architecture.

Outcome: A new layout was provided for power and data and a comprehensive lighting solution was presented that accentuated the beautiful wood ceilings. The layout of the original space only provided power along the perimeter walls.  Because powering the furniture through the ceiling was not an option, trenching the floor provided the best results.

Design/Furnishings/Installation: DBI