Waterloo Township

Jackson County, MI


Identified with the local culture and surrounding landscape, a circa 1856 historical farmhouse was saved from demolition by becoming the current home of Waterloo Township’s administrative offices. A new building, serving as the township’s hall, was designed and constructed reflecting the architectural style of a barn – seamlessly integrating the old with the new.

OBJECTIVE: Address the acoustic quality in the hall; allowing for greater collaboration, teamwork and productivity.

SOLUTION: With the installation of acoustic panels on the walls and ceiling, DBI increased sound quality by controlling echo and sound bounce. Adding acoustic panels lowered noise levels, within the area, fostering productivity and collaboration among members.

Working with Smart Homes – Smart Offices of Okemos, DBI teamed with one of our local partners to provide audio voice lift (amplification) for the five member board table. This was accomplished with the installation of both microphones (handheld and permanent) and a variety of speakers. In addition, Smart Homes – Smart Offices added a hearing assist system as required by the ADA standards.