Michigan Department of Corrections

The Michigan Department of Corrections creates a safer Michigan by holding offenders accountable and is committed to the protection of the public, safety of MDOC staff and security of offenders. The MDOC uses proven fiscal practices and outcome-oriented strategies to ensure sound management; holding themselves to the highest professional standards.

OBJECTIVE: Following a fire on site, the client proposed an aggressive timeline to accommodate their need for both temporary and permanent replacement furnishings; matching an existing color palette. Special priority was given to ergonomic stations promoting employee wellness and creating functional units for mobile workers.

OUTCOME: DBI created renderings and typicals showcasing ergonomic functionality and employee engage-ment. DBI provided a wide array of Haworth furnishings and systems, including task and desk seating, tables, side chairs, conference table, storage and moveable walls to create private offices. Within a small footprint, DBI designed member pods to maximize real estate, accommodate workstyles and allow mobile workers the necessary flexibility.

Featured Products

HAWORTH Featured Products:
UniGroup Panel System
Very Task Seating
Very Side Seating
System 12 Side Seating
X-Series Metal Storage
450 Series Table
Planes Conference Table
Enclose Walls