Simple Ways to Help with Sound Concerns

Sometimes the sounds in an open office can be a little overwhelming. The day to day sounds of printers printing, phones ringing, the bang of a stapler going down (sometimes repeatedly), keyboards tapping, and coworkers chatting can be very distracting.

Over the last few years, we’ve seen offices evolve into more of an open concept. Great for communication, collaboration, teamwork, and social aspects. Let’s face it, most days you can handle the hustle and bustle of the busy office. But you’re also gonna get those days that you just can’t seem to shake the sounds and distractions and need a little help keeping focused. Luckily, the furniture manufacturer world understands this and there are a lot of quick and simple products to help with sound control and the distraction factor. Individual desktop screens like the Ghent desktop surround or the Buzzi Flip Flop are great pieces for the open office plan to allow more privacy or sound control that will cater to the individual user.

Acoustic division screens, like the Openest plume, the JSI Indie, or the Buzzi Frio can help create space division and allow for more casual meeting spaces while also providing great sound absorption. They are also perfect to use along a corridor or to separate a printer station. They not only help absorb sound but also add a cool look to your space!

Sound control is definitely a concern here at DBI’s main showroom. We’ve got this beautiful 2 story atrium, but boy do sounds carry! Haworth offers the design-savvy Tulip chair and the Windowseat and they are sometimes our saving grace to have on the showroom floor. You can sit in one of these and feel like you stepped into a private oasis. Sound is instantly dampened, and you can confidently carry on a phone conversation without feeling like you are distracting those around you.