DBI Elevates Design Team

DBI announced two promotions within its team. Senior Interior Designer, Sydney Watkins, was named Director of Strategic Relationships and Kylie Barbier is the new Interior Design Manager.




In her new role, Watkins brings 6 years of corporate interior design experience, product knowledge, and a network of industry partners to find solutions to bring clients’ furniture vision to life. Her designs speak to functionality and workplace wellbeing.

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Simple Ways to Help with Sound Concerns

Sometimes the sounds in an open office can be a little overwhelming. The day to day sounds of printers printing, phones ringing, the bang of a stapler going down (sometimes repeatedly), keyboards tapping, and coworkers chatting can be very distracting.

Over the last few years, we’ve seen offices evolve into more of an open concept. Great for communication, collaboration, teamwork, and social aspects. Let’s face it, most days you can handle the hustle and bustle of the busy … Read more ›